Our Offerings

We are offering our consultancy for preparing German Income Tax declaration and hence getting you maximum legal refund. It includes the following services:

  • Income tax refund estimation (FREE!!)

  • Collection of all necessary information

  • Advice on required documents and all related queries

  • Preparation of Tax return for a refund

  • Sending Tax return to Finanzamt (German Tax office) in Germany

  • All necessary followup and conversation with German Finanzamt

The payment of refund will be deposited to your bank account directly by German authorities.

Key advantages of using our services:

    1. FREE Refund estimation

    2. Always available locally in India to answer any queries. First and only Trusted service provider in India. References available on request.

    3. No additional international courier cost of sending documents to Germany. You need to send documents within India to us and we will take care of sending application to Germany.

    4. No follow-up required on your part with German authority. We follow-up and keep you updated.

    5. Our extensive experience gives quick refund.

    6. Money is refunded directly to your Bank account by German Tax office giving you complete peace of mind. This is unlike other service providers who get refund into their account and make a cut of upto 16% from refund.

    7. We charge Flat fee irrespective of refund amount.

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